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Course Details

CourseBelly Dance - All Abilities
Course CodeFEF202NZ
Start Date30/04/2019
End Date16/07/2019
  • TUE 20:00 - 21:30
No. of Sessions11
Places available8

Course Fees

Fees Tuition Fee Sundries Total Payable
Full fee £119.00 £0.00 £119.00
64+ fee £119.00 £0.00 £119.00
You cannot enrol on this course online. Please contact us on 0300 200 1044 for further information.

Course Notes


Belly Dance is the dance of the Middle East and it's a fun way to tone your muscles and build up core strength. This is an easy to follow class that will develop your movement skills quickly - you’ll soon be shimmying to Arabic beats and wiggling your way to fitness!

What will we cover?

The aim of the course is to learn belly dance moves and combinations, to build strength and develop flexibility.

You will learn low-impact Belly Dance moves, steps and combinations, at a level suited to your own experience and ability, while developing your body awareness and general dance skills.
You may learn a choreographed dance routine, or work on more personal interpretation.
You may learn how to dance with props (such as veils, sticks, finger cymbals).

Our courses build on past learning, week by week, to develop new abilities. You will find your own progress much easier if you attend every lesson.

Who is this course for? Is there anything I need to know before joining?

All Abilities

This course is designed to appeal to newcomers to belly dancing, as well as to more experienced Belly Dance learners, including ex-Belly Dance students wishing to return to their practice.

Remember you will be joining a mixed ability class, and there may be times when your tutor asks you to work on something differently because of your personal skill level.

As our courses are taught in English, please contact us if you have any concerns about your level of English.

What do I need to bring to the first class? Will there be any extra costs?

Wear loose fitting clothing, and bare feet.
Some learners like to bring a scarf to tie around their hips. (Optional)
Drinking water.
Pen and reading glasses if you use them.

No additional costs.
You may need to bring props such as veils, sticks, finger cymbals later in the course, if your tutor includes these in their course planning, but they will discuss it with you before you need to acquire anything, and they would usually have spares to loan to you in class, if you do not wish to acquire your own.
You may wish to acquire your own belly dance hip scarf. Your tutor would be able to suggest suitable vendors.

What can I do when I finish the course?

This course runs for a full academic year, and you are encouraged to re-enrol in the following term, from September to January to April.

For the following academic year, an Improvers course could be arranged, subject to demand, but the needs of improvers of varying levels of skill and experience can be met on this course.

Alternatively, we have other dance courses which may complement this course and also other fitness courses. Take a look at our brochure, or online, to see what there is on offer.

Additional information

If you are joining a course that starts in January or April, you should be aware that the basics would have been covered in greater depth in the September term. The tutor will ensure you are able to follow the class and progress at your own speed, but you may find some of the tuition on these basics is less detailed, so that the tutor can allow other members of the class to progress further. Please remember this is a mixed ability class, and there may be times when your tutor asks you to work on something differently because of your personal skill level.

We welcome learners with additional needs and disabilities. When you enrol please let us know if you would like to discuss your extra support needs with a member of the Supported Learning Team who will then contact you as soon as possible. If you are enrolling within 10 days of the course start date, we may not be able to contact you before your first class. Surrey Adult Learning values and supports equality and diversity by promoting fairness and respect at all times.

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